Daphne is BACK

Daphne is back

This picture is art.

If you are already in my Facebook Group you probably know, that I am converting into an artist right now. That´s what I always was and I always longed to be.
by the way
who . thanks to all the people that waved a net around me . incoporates the knowledge of a threethousand years.

Daphne is BACK.

Thats written on the picture above and if you want, you can read this article to become more AWARE!!!

https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daphne_(Mythologie) [German/DEUTSCH]

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daphne [English]

So you might get a glimpse of THAT, what is ACTUALLY TRUE. If you are open-minded you can see it almost EVERYWHERE. And if you are not then you don´t.
That´s it.

But – for TIME IS RUNNING OUT – I´ll close this article with a reminiscence to the first band (and music) I fell in love with.


This was once upon a time, when a prince tried to catch me. But I – as always, denied Apollo. I always flew. So if you are not that aware of GREEEEEEEEEEK Mythology:
START TO READ the glorious WIKIPEDIA articles above.


Have you ever thought about the question what happens when the MUSE HERSELF is a GODDESS, too?

Thanks, by the way, to an old friend of mine. I have a lot of old friends, indeed. I´ll write about later.


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