Common Antiquity: English, please!

By Brück & Sohn Kunstverlag MeißenOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Dear readers,

the last days I was kind of inspired to go on writing in English. Unfortunately I am not a native speaker and I probably will write in a very “Germinglish” (German and English) style, not to say: there will be mistakes and a lot of commas. Hopefully, I´ll keep them limited with Google-Translator and several online dictionaries.

But as I´ve seen – the topic of antiquity is quite common in English-speaking countries for there are a lot of people reading and writing about it.

Let me know, if this is okay for you, my german-speaking readers!

And if you are interested in myths, gods, history and classics and you´ve never been able to read my German blogposts: your time is going to come! ❤

So: on Thursday I´ll publish the last German contribution of the series “jelly-gods”. From the 24th of august, they appear in English.

Looking forward to do it! 😉

Best regards!

Runa Phaino